Silicone Trivet Mat - Purple         隔熱墊 - 紫For Kitchen/Home/Houseware/Homeware/Dinning/Hot Soup Meal/Pot/Anti-slip 點擊圖片放大

Silicone Trivet Mat - Purple         
隔熱墊 - 紫
For Kitchen/Home/Houseware/Homeware/Dinning/Hot Soup Meal/Pot/Anti-slip

Dimension 規格 :240*240*7mm
Color 顏色 :

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
Weight 重量 :132g

Silicone Trivet Mat - Purple


Kitchen used Christmas tree & peony-shaped silicone trivet - A two-in-one trivet !

  1. 1. 2-D Flower design makes the  heat disperse into the air instead of your desktop.
  2.  Unfold it, can be used as a mat, colorful mat can be a decoration to your home.
  3.  Fold it, it transforms into a 3-D Christmas tree!
  4.  Various colors available, special design makes your home beautiful and interesting !!
  5. 2. Attached with magnets on the bottom. So that is can be stuck on the fridge door, and easy for storage !
  6.  Put a memo on, your fridge door becomes a message board!
  7.  Peony-shaped makes your home full of wealth blessed & consummate atmosphere.
  8. 3. Using advanced silicone material, with high-quality, excellent ductility and durability, texture and soft.
  9.  It can endure high  temperature up to 230 degrees.
  1. 4. Our quality trivet can protect your desktop from heat and avoid pots from being slipped; protect your
  2.  furniture from scratches.
  3. 5. OEM service available.
  4. 6. All products are patent right reserved.


  1.  Front  Back Purple Trivet Mat Back
  2. Purple Trivet Mat Folded Otherside
  3. Purple Trivet Mat Front Detail
  4. Purple Trivet Mat Back Detail
  5. Purple Trivet Mat Folded Lookdown Side
  6. Purple Trivet Mat Folded